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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How to: Install Google Chrome 2.0 Beta

Hello everyone! (this is NOT my "hello world"-post, this is just a simple How-to=)

NOTE: This is actually only for me so that I have all links necessary for installing google chrome 2.0 beta on all computers I can come over but if you want to use it you are free to do as I describe.;)

For those of you that want to install Google chrome 2.0 beta, but don't know how to do it (or just don't want to spend time searching Google for "Change to dev channel chrome") I've made a very simple Howto here:

1. Download Google chrome (if you already have, then you don't need to)

2. Download Chrome Channel 2.0, run it, and mark the point next to the Beta (or, if you want to get updates faster, the Dev) channel. Then click the "update" button.

3. Download Chrome_installer and run it.

4. In Google chrome, click the wrench icon in the upper right corner, select "about Google Chrome" and wait for the annoying flashing thing in the lower left corner to transform into an orange square. Once it does, (if everything have gone the way I want it to go) click on the "Install updates" button. When Chrome is updated, restart it and now you have the super cool Google Chrome 2.0 Beta with all new features!!!

(if you want to play games or watch Youtube-videos in Chrome, you need to install Adobe Flash Player)

Redistribuate as you want (probably you don't want,but just in case;)!!!

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